In 2008 a group of fans decided to drag all the boxes of memorabilia from their attics and set up an exhibition in Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery to mark the 125th birthday of our football club. At the end of the exhibition they took photos of everything before putting it back in it’s boxes for a few more years. This website has all of those photos, as well as additional material that has been submitted since.

Our club has a proud history, and we would love to share as much of this with as many people as possible. If you also have a dusty box in your attic, wardrobe or garden shed (which has a door and a window, naturally) please let us know as we’d love to add its contents to this site.

Raith Supporters Trust

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  1. I was friendly with Allan Collins’ daughter – and she gave me a number of her father’s Raith related items:-

    League Cup finalist medal A Collins 1948-49
    Registration of a Professional – A Collins, dated May 6th 1949, signed by Geo Graham secretary of SFA
    Player’s Admission Ticket – Allan Collins, 1950-51, signed by R R Herdman
    Rules of the Scottish Football Players’ Union
    2 team photos – I guess around 1950
    Action Photo from Fife Free Press
    Sheet from Allan Collins’ funeral – (1918-2002) – he was born in Kilmarnock and played also for Killie.

    I could pass these to the club if you want – or maybe Kirkcaldy Museum?
    Dave Clark

    1. I’d anyone ever get back to you Dave on your possible Raith memorabilia donation?
      I was one of the people who put the Museum and Website memorabilia together.

      1. Ihave afew action photos raith vs celtic/hearts.hibs etc

        which I played with &against some of the great players of

        post war era.
        regards george

  2. My grandfather played with raith from 1927 to 1935,his name was Matt Hoggan,it has been great to see him in team photos and cant wait to show my father,i have been looking for pictures for some time.if there are any other photos could you get in touch this would mean a great deal.

    thanks alan

  3. My Grandfather Adam Wilkie played for Raith Rovers and I managed to purchase a trophy called the Lircaldy cup that he helped win.
    It is the first trophy won by Raith Rovers in 1886.

    1. Do you have any photos of the cup Stewart?, could always put the trophy on loan to the club so people can view it when visiting the club ?

  4. My grandad played for Raith Rovers in 1940/50’s we think but can’t find anything about him, he also played for Aberdeen his name is Alex Anderson. Does anyone know anything or have pictures please.

    1. Sorry for the delay in checking this out. There has only been one player of that name to play for Raith Rovers, he played one game for Raith Rovers on 20th March 1943 as goalkeeper in a 6-2 win against Hearts. He played as a “war guest”, which explains why he was only at the club for such a short time.

  5. Hi
    I am trying to obtain photos of players who played a first team game for Sheffield Wednesday.
    I am only missing a few, less than 20.
    Do you have a copy of Fletcher Welsh who played for Raith before the first World War.


    1. Just looked him up – 51 goals in 52 games! We could do with someone like him now!!!

      Unfortunately I haven’t been able to track down any photos of him. Good luck with your search.

  6. Your museum site is really excellent and very informative . Can you please confirm that Matthew Hoggan is the player in the 1933-34 team photo, back row, second from left? Do you also know how many times he played for the Scottish national team?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Ray,
      Did you get an answer to your question? Do you mean second from the left as we view it or that he was standing second from the left according him? Also, did you find out how often he played for Scotland? I understand he moved to Stirling F.C. in 1935. Do we know why?
      Kind regards from this exiled Hearts supporter now living in England.

      1. Matthew Hoggan is second from the left (as we look at it) in the back row of that photo. The same photo appears in the book “Always Next Year” and has a list of the players’ names. He didn’t ever play for the Scottish national team.

        1. Good evening. I am in the middle of a massive book project detailing the careers of all the players who have played for Charlton Athletic and have a query that you may possibly be able to help me with. Johnny Pitcairn played for Charlton in 1930-32 and for Raith from about 1925 to 1929. The book ‘Scottish league Players’ records’ shows that he played 3 League games for you in 25/26, 30 in 27/28 and 32 in 28/29. It does not however give his League appearances and goals for what I believe was your promotion season in 26/27. Hopefully somebody would have access to this information as I would like to give him due credit if indeed he was part of your promotion side. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

          1. Hello Ian, thanks for getting in touch. I’ve checked in the trusty bible of all things Raith Rovers (‘Always Next Season’ by John Litster) which lists Johnny as having joined in March 1925 from Maryhill, and left in April 1930 (presumably to join Charlton Athletic, although that’s a blank in the book). In total he made 130 appearances and scored 2 goals in his five years at Raith Rovers. In 1926/27 he played 36 times scoring once – and you’re right, that was the season we were promoted to Division 1 (as runners-up behind Bo’ness).

  7. Hello, I work for BBC Sport Scotland and we are looking for some Raith Rovers archive images for a Scottish Cup VT. Let me know if you are able to help.


  8. Hello,

    I hope you can help me. I have a winning plaque at home for the Fife Cup 1955/56, which i believe my father won for Raith. But searching online etc, cannot see any information that would confirm this. His name was William Williamson (may have been known as Bill Williamson). Do you or anyone have any information that may shed some light on this.
    Thank you
    James Williamson

    1. As far as I can tell, no-one of that name has played for Raith Rovers. There were three players by the name of Williamson who played for the club in the 1950s though – Peter Williamson was with us for one season (1952/53) but only played once, Thomas Williamson was with us for 1958 and the start of 1959 (but only played 5 times), but there was someone called John Williamson at the club from 1952 to 1959, he played 156 times at wing half and scored 34 goals – could that have been him? Was your father’s middle name John? He joined from Stoneyburn Juniors and after leaving Raith Rovers went to Dunfermline Athletic.

      If that’s not him, perhaps he was only with the club for a short while and didn’t make any league appearances, which would explain why it’s difficult to find much information about him.

      Hope that helps!

      1. It does,thank you. Looks like your last point may be the best explanation. If ‘John’ , would have been 16 to 23 yrs old. Will follow up at my end. I believe there are a couple of other medals in storage somewhere which i need to track down. Thanks again

  9. Hello ,
    Trying to get some further information. I have a winning plaque from Fife Cup 1955/56 in the name of William Williams (my father). Searched online etc i cant find any more detail . Do you have any more information on him?
    Thank you
    James Williamson

  10. This was great to look out!
    My grandfather is Malcom McLure and we had always heard stories of his career. Thank you for putting this all together, our family really enjoyed the pictures of him!

  11. Hi
    I understand my father John McArthur played for Raith Rovers sometime between 1949-1962.
    Can you check if you have any record of this please?


    1. There’s no player of that name on record as having played for Raith Rovers. There have only been three McArthurs to play for the club – Edward McArthur in the first half of season 1929/30, Peter McArthur (on loan from Morton) for two weeks in October 1930, and James McArthur for the second half of season 1983/84.

  12. My father Bobby Smith, I think he may have also been known as Bob or Bert played for Raith in season 1949-50, I was wondering if you have team photos with him in them

  13. Hopefully someone can help…. looking for any pre-match photographs from Raith v Celtic 67/68 season as my grandad took me to game in full celtic strip under the old school treanchcoat…. i was pushed onto pitch pre kick off to get autographs (managed to get Billy McNeils) before being escorted off by Fifeโ€™s finest constabulary, albeit by the ear!!! Mind you Jinky Johnson did give the bobby an earful!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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